New Study Shows Allowing the Sea Back In Could Help UK Meet Climate Goals

Roof Revolution

One restored coastal saltmarsh stores as much carbon over four years as one million new trees over ten years.

The Manchester Metropolitan University recently published research, which found that "one restored coastal saltmarsh in the UK stores as much carbon over four years as just over one million new trees grown for ten years."

18,000 tonnes of carbon. For perspective, that's equivalent to:

  • taking 32,900 UK cars off the road for one year
  • the greenhouse gas emissions from powering 77,930 UK homes for one year

The stats are incredible. So is it factored into government climate change policies?

Well, no. There are carbon offsetting codes for peatland and woodland, yes, but no such policy exists for saltmarsh.

So then how can we get it included in the government’s Net Zero Strategy?

WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust) is calling for 100,000 hectares of healthy wetlands to be created in the UK, via their Wetlands Can! campaign.

You yourself can pledge your support, helping WWT to campaign for change and urge the UK government to prioritise and invest in more wetlands. Each name collected will build momentum, helping to solve today’s pressing climate, nature and wellbeing crises.

From our perspective, we've always believed that anything you can build on the ground, you can build on a roof. A wetland on a roof; now there's an interesting concept...

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